Air Plants

Air plants, or tillandsia (til-land-si-a), are native to Central and South America, as well as parts of southern North America. They are epiphytes, meaning they use their root systems to anchor themselves to the surfaces of other plants, like trees. Air plants use their leaves absorb nutrients from the surrounding environment, through air and moisture.

A common myth for Idahoan air plant keepers is that an air plant needs no additional care, other than sitting in a fabulous home. While in some humid climates, this could be true, we are not so lucky in the high desert (we call that zone envy). Your air plant will need help from you, through weekly watering. Please click on the “Air Plant Care” image below to find out exactly how to give your plant the best care!

The appeal of keeping air plants as indoor house plants is the freeing amount of design possibilities. Air plants will be happy sitting in a decorative dish, atop collected river rock, in a green gathering of lush tropical plants, as a whimsical hanging jellyfish – the list goes on. We’ve included some of our favorite ways to display air plants and the many products we offer to help you create a personalized air plant home. Click on the “Air Plant Products” image for inspiration!

We’ve gathered our favorite air plants to help you explore the vast varieties of tillandsia! Clicking on the “Variety Gallery” image will guide you through the types and names of air plants we typically showcase in the store.

Grow. Enjoy. Repeat.